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To all our old and new customers:


We are one of the earliest few sites offering worldwide Taobao shopping agent service since 2008. We were once on the 1st position on Google with keyword “Taobao Agent” for more than 3 years with hundreds of happy customers. Till now and forever, we still believe our service is the best and most efficient among all Taobao agents. However, situation in this industry has totally changed since last year, which forces us have to make a tough decision after a deep consideration for the past few months:


Decision 1: We will not use Paypal to receive payments anymore. We prefer Western Union* or Bank Transfer for payments from now on. You can read our long story with Paypal here.

Decision 2: We accept bitcoin now. For customer who wants to pay bitcoin, please contact us.

Decision 3: The minimum order amount we accept now is US$200.00/each.* Long-term wholesale customers are more welcome.


We know business trust is not established in one day and we always cherish and look it as our primary concern when doing business online. A good business relationship is a process for both sides to know and benefit from each other. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed after cooperation with us for some time.


* Now for most countries, people can send money online on Western Union’s site, you just need to register an account and upload funds from your credit card. It is same convenient as Paypal.

Please check more details here:

You may choose to pay all item costs including our service fee and estimated shipping freight in one payment, if there is some balance more or less, we will settle it with you in your next order. For new customers who never use our service before and think it’s unsafe to send all in one payment, you can send 50% in your 1st payment and 2nd 50% with the exact shipping freight later after we receive all your items.


* This 5% fee burden will be suitable only for our old customers who have at least 3 order history.  Our service fee is 10% for each order, after deducting this 5%, we actually earn around 5% for each order, do you think it is high?


* We received many orders recently with dozens of all small value items 1-5 dollars each, considering the high money transfer fee, expensive international shipping and our labor cost, we will no longer accept such small orders. Please accept our sincere apology for this tough decision. 

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