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Long Story about Paypal

Paypal Email
 Paypal ---Get the F*** Out of China

Things happened on this January, one new US customer asked us to buy several pairs of authentic Air Jordan shoes from Taobao, he left the Taobao links on the payment note, and due to our negligence, we didn't find it until one morning after a few days, we opened our mailbox and found an email from Paypal which informed that our premier Paypal account being permanently closed without any warning. We were totally astonished when seeing that email. This is the account we have been using for more than 5 years with thousands of dollars’ transaction fee contributed to Paypal, now they just closed it with a click of mouse and never gave us a chance to appeal.

In the next following weeks, we tried countless times to contact Paypal to explain. We told them we are not the direct seller and only helping people buying from Taobao with a little service fee. Also there is no evidence to prove the Air Jordan shoe we bought for our customers is not authentic. But they insisted it is counterfeit unless we can supply the authorization from Nike. WTF!!! They clearly know such authorization is impossible for small retailers online. There are thousands of branded items on their parent company eBay’s site, we believe 99% sellers can’t supply such authorizations, why they still allow them to sell? Actually on eBay, there are hundreds of same Air Jordan shoes. Everyone knows Nike Air Jordan series are manufactured from shoe factories in China. Hey Paypal, what makes you think all such shoes from Taobao are counterfeits while all resellers buying wholesale from China and reselling it on eBay with much higher prices are authentic? Please don’t tell you believe all such Air Jordan shoes are made in US. Our conclusion is Paypal obviously has 2 different criterion when it comes to branded items.

Something more ridiculous is, one day we got an international call from Paypal Irish company, that guy seems no chance to win the dispute about the authenticity of the shoe, then he brought forward another ridiculous reason to close our account, he said such shopping agent business is something like money laundering in their eyes. You SOB! We paid our hard work to earn merely 10% service fee, while you bloodsucker earn more than 5% fee from each transaction without doing anything.

In addition, Paypal’s customer service is absolutely terrible. We can’t believe emails from such a claimed international company are full of unreadable characters like: &######; &######; There is no contact details under each of their emails, no phone number, no fax, no mailing address…Something more weird is all email replies are always the same words no matter how many different emails we sent to them. Thus we deeply suspect all such emails automatically replied by machine. Hey Paypal, are all your CS clerks dead? Please don’t tell you can’t afford the salary to hire some real people while sucking billions of dollars’ fees every year.

This is not the 1st time we have trouble with Paypal. We still remember several years ago when we began to use Paypal, they limited our account without any reason and later took us almost 2 weeks to unlock it. Another bad experience happened before is, one vicious new US customer had received some camping items from us for more than 2 months then issued a chargeback without any reason or advance contact. That poor US guy just hided in the dark corner and didn’t reply us no matter how we contacted him. Consequently, we lost that case even if all evidences are in favor of us and burdened the whole loss by ourselves. We still remember the last call from Paypal in which an arrogant woman said they can do nothing to such vicious chargebacks even they know it’s a brazen theft. Another impressive bad experience with Paypal happened last year is one crazy customer send us more than US$5000 for dozens of items to buy, after we bought all items, she told us to cancel all orders…although we tell every customer clearly before payment that such order cancellation is not acceptable as we are just shopping agent, knowing the fact Paypal only biases for buyers and she can make big trouble to our Paypal account, we have no choice but burden the big loss on our side.

After all such bad experiences, we still accept Paypal payments for almost 5 years because we believe most of our customers are good.

However, since the 2nd half of 2011, the situation about Paypal became worse and worse in China. Firstly, Alibaba group ended cooperation with Paypal on their international site: Then in August 2012, DHgate, which is the biggest international B2B platform in China, said Good-bye to Paypal. Behind these 2 Landmark events, is the truth that Paypal insanely closes thousands of Chinese accounts every day without any communication. In their employee’s words, around 80% of Chinese accounts were closed. Something more horrible is, many accounts have huge balance frozen by Paypal, which seems there is no chance to withdraw forever.

In the past few months, we thought about the possibility to reopen a new Paypal account, however, everyone had the same experience says they can easily find the new account which is related the old banned ones. Considering our mean profit less than 10% on this shopping agent business and their ability to close one account and freeze all money with just a click of mouse, we think it’s unworthwhile to do so.

In 2005, eBay China was defeated by Taobao and bankrupted in China. Now, what Paypal does to all Chinese sellers is nothing else than committing suicide, we believe their good days by squeezing all Chinese sellers are numbered.

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