1. Search your keywords here:
Taobao Agent
If you don't know the specific words in Chinese, you can use below link to translate it from your language to Chinese.
2. When you insert your keywords and press this button    ,  the page with item you want will turn up immediately.
Then you will see below menu:
 These 2 buttons can change                       This 5-choices popup window is:                          
  the display models.                                                                                                             Sellers have these  2
                                                                               Price from low to high                            icons have better credits
                                                                               Price from high to low                              than those who haven't.
                                                                               Seller's credit from high to low
                                                                               Time from low to high
                                                                               Time from high to low,
                                                                              which the 3rd choice is the most
                                                                              useful one.
3.Seller's Credit
Below is an example of a good seller of sneakers. You can see he has sold 64895 items by now, his selling credit is 3 blue crown ( you can see below 20 credit levels for sellers). His positive rating from his buyers are 99.63%. Two red hearts and 100% are his credit as a buyer, which is not important to you.  For this shoe, 15 pairs are sold out within 30 days and 12 buyers gave him the ratings after purchase. There are still 71 pairs in stock. This seller also has 2 icons which are mentioned above, therefore we decide this is a trustworthy seller. 
According to our years' experience on Taobao, to guarantee a satisfactory shopping, you'd better to choose a seller with at least 2 diamonds and positive rating above 98%.

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