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Attn: Before placing your Taobao order, please make sure there is no forbidden items below in your order.

Forbidden Items

There are some forbidden items on Taobao that we can't buy for you:

- Liquid, powder (mostly cosmetics) and battery related items, which are forbidden to be shipped by all shipping ways.
- Gambling Items.
- Alcohol and Tobacco (cigars, cigarettes...).
- Prescription drugs.
- Firearms, Weapons and Knives.
- Pirated software and DVDs...etc

Also you need to consider the volume and weight of your items, big and heavy items always mean high international shipping freight.  Some fragile items such as glass lamps are also among which we don't suggest you buying. 

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*Normally we will come back to you by email within several hours after your Taobao order is submited. However, if you don't receive our reply in 2 working days, just check your spam box to assure it's not filtered as spam by your mail server. If you still can't find our email in the spam box, you may send your Taobao order directly to our mailbox: [email protected]
*Double check your email address before clicking the submit button, as occasionally we find some misspelled email address from sloppy customers.
*Don't click the submit button more than once, this web form is very effective, each submitting will lead to a record at our backend. It's annoying to find many repeated orders are just from the same person.