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Terms of Service

Welcome to Taobao-Agent.com!

Before using our Taobao shopping agent service, you should read and agree the following terms and conditions:

Service Precondition

1*---We don't sell any products to you, we are only working as an online shopping agent to buy items on Taobao.com for you and repack all your items and combine ship parcels to you. We shall not be involved in the disputes between you and the sellers on Taobao. To avoid such disputes, we recommend you to choose sellers with at least 2 diamonds and positive rating above 98%. Also sometimes, we will give you some advices based on our years' shopping experience on Taobao. Most times, what you see is what you get, though it may have some color differences due to different PC screens. Anyway, it's your responsibility to tell the commodity is good or not and decide the sizes, colors, etc.

2*---Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the shipping freight. These fees, if occur when the parcel entering into your country's customs, should be burden on your side. The only thing we can do to avoid such fees for you, is marking the parcel as a gift with claiming value under 100 US dollars.

3*---Once you paid us the 1st down payment for your order, we assume you agree on all terms above. You can not cancel your order after paying us the down payment. If you don't pay the 2nd payment for the shipping freight by any excuse, your 1st down payment is non-refundable and your goods are at our disposal.

Forbidden Items

There are some forbidden items on Taobao that we can't buy for you:

- Liquid, powder and battery related items, which are forbidden to be shipped by all shipping ways.
- Gambling Items.
- Tobacco. All cigars, cigarettes.
- Prescription drugs.
- Firearms, Weapons and Knives.
- Counterfeit goods or imitation commodities. Such as fake branded bag/shoes/clothes/accessories, etc.
- Pirated software and DVDs.


Privacy Statement

It has always been our primary concern to protect your privacy. The information collected from you at the time you place an order is stored in our database securely and will be used solely to carry out your Taobao order. We shall not pass your information (Address, Email, Phone) to any third party under any circumstances.


In average, domestic shipping from Taobao sellers to us takes 3-5 days, but during some holidays or bad weather, it may be delayed for more than one week.

Please kindly understand international shipping is out of our control, it was affected by many uncertain factors such as flight transportation, customs clearance speed of your country and your post system's working efficiency,  we cannot guarantee you a definite delivery time and we shall not be responsible for any delivery delay of your parcel.

Below is the average delivery time of the main 4 international shipping ways we use:

EMS: 5-20 days.
Registered Airmail by China Post: 10-40 days.
Hongkong Post: 10-30 days.
DHL: 5-10 days.

Normally we will send you the tracking number of your parcel after shipment, if sometimes we forget to do so, please email us to get it. You are required to keep a close look on your parcels on according tracking website. If there is any delay in receiving a parcel, you will need to contact your local post office or immediately inform us for further assistance. .

If you don't receive your parcel longer than 40 days, we will help you ask our shipping forwarder to check the latest status of your parcel.

Refunds and Returns

It's our service content to check the item size and quality for you before shipment.

As our normal practice, we will show you real photos of all your goods at the time we charge you the 2nd payment for shipping freight. We believe most item discrepancies can be avoided in this process. If you find there is something wrong with your item in the photos, just told us straight forward, we will help you return it to seller.

If the item meets the characteristics described by the Taobao seller and corresponds to your request (color, size, qty, etc.) and there is no obvious defect, such item is not eligible for return and refund. Taobao only supports buyers to return items which are significantly different from the pics and description provided by the seller. Warning: some Taobao sellers don’t accept return/exchange if they have shipped the correct item. In this case, we cannot do it either.

Generally speaking, if such item return is caused by seller's mistake such as wrong color, size..., most rational sellers will burden the returning cost by him/herself. However, sometimes we will charge you some returning fee (at most for the round domestic shipping) if there is no good reason for item return.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

While we try to offer reliable information, we cannot promise that the content of our website will always be accurate and up-to-date, and we are not responsible for inaccuracies in it.

While we help facilitate the buying process between you and Taobao sellers, we have no control over and do not guarantee the quality, safety, or legality of items you choose to buy. We are not responsible for the seller’s content, actions, or inactions, items he lists or his destruction of allegedly fraudulent items.